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The BEST Mother’s Day gift

What is the best gift you have ever received?

What are some of the best gifts you have ever received? It probably depends a little on your hobbies and interests.

Some of my favorite gifts from my husband were things that surprised me. For instance I had mentioned to him it would be nice to have a classic pearl necklace. I didn’t even remember telling him that detail until I opened up a pearl necklace for my birthday one year.

Those gifts that are very thoughtful and show a little sacrifice on your spouse’s part.

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Family photos would be a great gift

So family photos would be a great gift for any holiday. If your husband is anything like mine, he hates having photos taken. I think part of it is that men don’t get the same fuzzy warm feelings that we do as women seeing photos of our families up on our walls. Or maybe they don’t like us dressing them or making them wear something not as comfortable as basketball shorts, lol.

Whatever the reason, having family portraits done is a sacrifice for them. And what better gift could you receive on mother’s day than a family photo session!?

Family photos are the best Mother’s Day gift

Admit it. If your husband/kids gave you a family photo session for Mother’s Day, it would make you so happy!

Why not just let them know that is what you want!?

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And if they buy a gift card/book the session by Mother’s Day, you will get a beautiful oval jewelry pendant with your session!

Gift cards can be purchased $200 and above.

Family sessions are $200 and prints and products are sold separately.

Just have them call me to book and I’ll do the rest! 🙂