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All of these clients have special needs of one kind or another.

Family means everything

I know family is everything to you. That is why you sacrifice yourself day in and day out for them. And as a mama to a non-verbal autistic child myself, I know you have additional worries and stresses you face.

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful family portrait- a visual celebration of why you do what you do every day. Life is hard and motherhood is demanding and often thankless. Beautiful photos of those you love most on the walls of your home will bring you joy every day and serve as a visual reminder of why you do what you do.

And don’t worry! This isn’t something else you need to stress over. I’ll take care of all the details. You just bring your family—and I’ll make the magic.

Hire a Houston special needs photographer who gets it

Rather than hiring any photographer and explaining your child’s limitations, hoping they will be able to deal with it, you can hire someone who gets it. I know the difference myself with hiring babysitters for our son. I have trained sitters to work with him but hiring someone who has experience already is so much better! They understand his aggression and are prepared to deal with it. They accept him for who he is and love him despite his challenges. That is what I want to gift you: The feeling of relief and comfort knowing I get it and am the best for this job.

Hire a Houston special needs photographer who will make it fun and successful

The special needs family portrait experience is created to make the whole experience fun and successful. We will work together to come up with strategies to make the session fun and successful. 

Some strategies we may use for your special needs portrait session:

  •  a visual magnet board so your child can see their progress through the session
  •  choosing a specific location where your child can shine
  •  having a “practice session” prior to the real session
  • lots of patience (don’t worry, there isn’t anything I haven’t seen!)

You can have beautiful family portraits too

Perhaps you never thought you could have beautiful family portraits. But let me tell you that you can!

You deserve to walk into the experience knowing I have it handled. And no matter how your child acts, I will love them. There is no judgement from me. Quite the opposite in fact! I want to make this an easy experience for you because I know your life is far from easy.

If you would like to learn more about this Houston special needs photographer- me!- please call. Or if you just want a fellow special needs mama to talk to, I am here for that too!

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your portrait Magic creator

I am the oldest of four girls and a mother to a non-verbal, adorable boy. 

I am also the director of the children’s choir at church and have taught piano and flute lessons.  Let’s just say I am well-versed in kids and ready to help you have the beautiful family portraits you’ve always wanted.


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