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Humble Photographer- Interior Design Help

Humble Family Photographer

What should you do with your photos?

Have you ever had a family portrait session and then not done much with the digital files?

Or perhaps you ordered a canvas from Groupon only to find out you ordered too small a size. Or perhaps the quality was poor.

Maybe your family photos sit on your computer.

I get it.

It can be intimidating to know what company to use, how big to print and more.

Let me be your photographer and  wall art designer

When you book with me; I take you from planning your session all the way to installing your artwork for you.

I want your photography experience to be stress-free.

Digital files on a USB may be old technology in a few years. I remember when I first started college, I used a floppy disk! Imagine that. If I had saved my family photos on a floppy disk, I’m not even sure how I would access them now.

That is one reason why I am passionate about you preserving your family memories in prints, albums and wall art.

Fill your walls with those you love

Another reason is that I know you as a mother doubt your worth. You doubt if you are doing enough. If what you are doing is important.

And it is! Motherhood is one of the most thankless yet important jobs in the world.

You are teaching and raising a little human! Think of that!

That job should be applauded and praised.

We as mothers should not doubt our worth. But I get it. It is hard in the day to day to remember and feel our value.

You know one thing that has helped me? Large photos of my family hung on my walls.

humble family photographer

Family art is encouraging

It may sound silly but it’s true. When I am having a tiff with my husband or am frustrated with my son, I can look at a photo of us on the wall and tell myself it will get better. It has been better before. The photo brings me to a remembrance of the love I feel for these people. It is a literal reminder in photo form of what is most important.

These family relationships are the most important thing in this life. And not only that, but I believe these relationship will continue in the next life.

Fill your walls with artwork of those who matter most

I would love to help you capture your family at this moment in time. Not only that, but I will help you plan, order and install your artwork. This is an investment, but one that will lead to happy feelings each day as you look at the beautiful family you work so hard for.

I have a neat program that will allow us to see your wall art on your actual wall before we do any ordering. That way, I can be an interior designer in a way.

Below is an example of different layouts of this family’s humble family photos. My program allows me to take a photo of your wall and use it to plan out your wall art to scale. So amazing!

Here is another example of a client’s wall art options I created for them.

If you would like more information about your family photo session, feel free to call me at 432-488-6092 or fill out the form below. I hope to work with you soon!